Holiday Gift Guide: Our Office Favorites

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s never been a better time to shop for workspace-enhancing gifts that every office worker is sure to love.

Whether you’re shopping for friends, family members, co-workers (or yourself!), our team at Stand Steady has curated the ultimate gift guide to help you check even the most hard-to-shop-for loved ones off your list this season.

Check out our office-improving favorites of 2023.

1. Minimalist Monitor Stand


Minimalist wood laptop stand by Woodmade

Designed to keep screens at eye level while you work, monitor stands make the perfect wallet-friendly gifts for leveling up any desktop. The best monitor stands improve posture and keep your desk tidy – all with a compact footprint that seamlessly blends into any setup. 

Ideal for anyone who’s constantly staring down at their desktop monitor or laptop while they work, we recommend the Woodmade Laptop Stand for the perfect combination functionality and style. Don’t let its sleek wooden design fool you, this heavy duty monitor riser supports up to 200 pounds to easily accommodate any dual monitor setup.

2. Attachable Portable Monitor

The SideTrak Swivel HD portable monitor


For the office worker that’s always on-the-go, consider gifting them a the perfect tool to maximize their productivity from anywhere: an attachable portable monitor.

We recommend the Swivel HD to double your loved-one’s screen setup in seconds. The lightweight monitor securely attaches to the back of any laptop with a sleek metal plate, allowing it to be added or removed quickly and easily - without the fear of it accidentally falling off.

Featuring more customizable screen adjustments than its attachable monitor competitors, the Swivel HD rotates 270° & swivels 360° for versatile viewing, from anywhere. Available in 12.5” and 14” screen sizes and compatible with Windows, Chrome, and Mac operating systems, the Swivel HD effortlessly connects to nearly any laptop.

3. Manual Lift Standing Desk Converter        

The FlexPro Hero standing desk converter by Stand Steady.

Looking to literally elevate your loved one’s work setup this season? Consider gifting a standing desk converter, often known as a desk riser.

Not every worker has the ability to replace their entire office desk – that’s where standing desk converters offer the perfect solution. Designed to sit conveniently on top of an existing desktop, manual lift standing desk converters allow users to transition from sitting to standing quickly and quietly throughout the workday, without the need for a power outlet.

For a sleek, dual-level desk riser that offers plenty of work space, we recommend the FlexPro Hero Standing Desk Converter. With an easy, five-minute assembly, and the ability to support up to two monitors, this ergonomic desk ensures screens are always at a comfortable eye level. Available in both a 32” and 37” wide model and a convenient corner design, the minimalist FlexPro Hero is perfect for nearly any desk setup.

4. Electric Lift Standing Desk Converter

The Techtonic standing desk converter with built-in monitor mounts by Stand Steady.

Raise any desktop at the touch of a button! For all the ergonomic benefits of a manual lift standing desk converter paired with the convenience of electric height adjustments, consider gifting your favorite office workers an electric standing desk.

Though often more expensive than their manual lift counterparts, electric desk risers eliminate the heavy lifting that comes with raising and lowering your work setup, while often supporting higher overall weight capacities (great for friends and co-workers with those extra-large monitors).

We recommend the Techtonic Electric Standing Desk Converter for the ultimate triple-level desk riser. With two extra-spacious work surfaces and your choice of a dual or triple adjustable monitor mount, this all-encompassing electric desk truly has it all.

For the most comfortable setup, don’t forget to pair your gift with an anti-fatigue standing mat - the ideal solution for keeping the pressure off joints while standing.

5. Desktop Humidifier


Desktop humidifier by Pure Enrichment

Winter is officially here, but don’t let the dry air outside affect your loved ones at the office. Mini humidifiers are designed to take up minimal desk space, so your friends and co-workers can skip the dry skin this season, while keeping their noses and throats happy.

To keep dry air at bay, we recommend the Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for its compact size and convenient auto shut-off feature. Its budget-friendly price tag, combined with over 100,000 5-star Amazon reviews make this handy little humidifier a sure win for those on your list.

6. Extra-Tall Travel Mug


The Contigo extra-tall travel mug


Shopping for a coffee lover this season? Give them the gift designed to ensure their drinks are always hot and ready to take into any meeting: an extra-tall trave mug.

The best travel mugs are easy-to-clean, vacuum-sealed, and offer plenty of room for those precious extra ounces of liquid. For our favorite insulated mug, we recommend the Contigo Autoseal West Loop. It offers a sleek, stainless-steel design and a leak-proof lid to prevent those accidental spills that can ruin important papers or short-circuit keyboard trays. Plus, this extra-tall 24oz mug is available in a variety of fun colors to make the perfect customizable pick-me-up (trust us, your caffeine-fueled friends will thank you).

7. Desk Organizer

Stand Steady Clamp-On Desk Organizer | Pen Cup


Every office worker could use some desk organization help, and the best organizers take up as little desktop space as possible while keeping supplies handy.

For a simple desk-decluttering tool, we recommend the Clamp-On Desk Organizer. With its damage-free, clamp-on design, this pen cup securely attaches to nearly any desktop, without the need for drilling holes. A built-in hook keeps your purse, headphones, coat, and more easily within reach while the fully-assembled, compact design makes this organizer the perfect desk companion.

8. Desk Plant

Pothos potted plant

Add a touch of warmth to any loved one’s office setup with a low-maintenance desk plant! With a variety of hard-to-kill options available, even those on your list without a green thumb can experience the benefits of an indoor plant at their workspace.

In addition to their aesthetic enhancements, desk plants can also improve air quality and brighten the mood of any office. So give the gift of life this holiday season!

9. Gel Seat Cushion


ComiLife gel pillow for posture support.

Sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on office workers’ joints and overall comfort. Seat cushions offer additional back and hip support while seated to relieve pressure and improve posture.

For an affordable, ultra-comfortable cushion that friends and co-workers can easily move throughout their workspace, we recommend the ComiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion. The gel and memory foam interior molds to its user while providing all-day cooling. With a convenient handle and a removable, washable exterior this chair cushion is easy to both clean and carry.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Our Office Favorites

Holiday Gift Guide: Our Office Favorites

Whether you’re shopping for friends, family members, co-workers (or yourself!), our team at Stand Steady has curated the ultimate gift guide to help you check even the most hard-to-shop-for loved ones off your list this season.

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