Converting Your Desk Into a Standing Desk

It should be no surprise now that sitting for most of the day has become a habit in our modern-day society. Researchers have discovered that sitting for hours a day, every day will have a negative impact on your overall health - even if you exercise.

So, how can we combat this?

Well, we can start by standing! It’s been recommended that we change positions around every 15-20 minutes. According to the Mayo Clinic our monitors should be at eye level (or just below), arms close to the body, hands at or below elbows, and our wrists should be straight.

How do we start standing?

Already have a desk but want to enjoy the benefits of a more active, ergonomic workday? Designed to sit on top of your existing desk, standing desk converters allow you to go from sitting to standing height with ease.

When choosing the right standing desk converter, you'll want to consider your budget, number of screens you use, and your workspace style.

At Stand Steady, we have a variety of standing desk converters for you to choose from based on your needs! From simple single-level converters that raise and lower with a smooth air-assisted lift, to dual-level electric desk converters with monitor mounts to help keep you comfortable and focused all day long, we have it all!

Single-Level Desk Converters

Easiest on your wallet, sleek, and space-saving, single-level desk converters are a no-fuss standing desk converter solution that help keep you active throughout your workday. Working in a cubicle or corner workspace? Check out our X-Elite Premier corner standing desk converter designed to fit perfectly on l-shaped desktops.

Our Recommendation: X-Elite Pro by Stand Steady

The X-Elite Pro standing desk converter by Stand Steady.

Simply pop on your desktop and you're ready to start standing - with no assembly required!  Our most compact standing desk converter, the X-Elite Pro features a water resistant 28" x 20" desktop surface that easily accommodates your single monitor setup, keyboard tray, and mouse! This desk riser quickly and quietly height adjusts with a smooth pneumatic lift - making it easy to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday.

Dual-Level Desk Converters: Manual Lift 

Designed to keep your screens at eye level while providing a secondary surface for your keyboard tray and mouse, dual-level standing desk converters are a more ergonomic option to choose if you'll be spending long periods of time standing throughout your workday. 

Our Recommendation: FlexPro Hero by Stand Steady

FlexPro Hero standing desk converter by Stand Steady.

Available in a 32" desktop size and 37" desktop size for a little extra workspace, the FlexPro Hero standing desk converter is a Stand Steady customer favorite. With easy, 5-minute assembly and a smooth pneumatic lift, this dual-level desk riser makes it easy to stay active throughout your workday, while providing plenty of room for your double monitor setup.

Dual-Level Desk Converter: Electric Lift 

Raise and lower your standing desk converter at the touch of a button with a convenient electric lift! With all the same ergonomic benefits of manual lift dual-level desk converters, electric lift desk converters do the heavy lifting for you, all while sporting higher weight capacities (perfect for when you have multiple monitors and a lot of desktop accessories).

Our Recommendation: Techtonic by Stand Steady

Techtonic electri standing desk converter by Stand Steady.

Take your workspace to the next level with the Techtonic electric standing desk converter. This fully-loaded desk riser keeps your choice of two or three screens at eye level with a sturdy VESA-compatible monitor mount, freeing up two spacious worksurface levels. With a virtually silent motor, this standing desk quickly and quietly adjusts at the touch of a button with a powerful electric lift.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find the best standing desk converter for your workspace, converting your desk into a standing desk should be a breeze! We'd love to see your standing desk setup - Tag us on social media with a picture of you and your standing desk converter!

- Happy Standing


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