Choosing the Right AV Cart for Your Workspace

An audiovisual cart is a valuable tool for the classroom or office that serves as a ready-to-use mobile stand for a computer, printer, TV, and monitor that does triple duty as a storage space and workstation. The best options are easy to move, hold plenty of equipment, and are made to last.

AV carts are made from different materials, come in different widths and heights, are able to hide equipment or keep it universally accessible, and ultimately function as convenient, customizable tools. When selecting your ideal AV cart, it’s essential to consider the features that will best meet the needs of your working or learning space, taking into account how you’ll be using your AV cart everyday.

Stand Steady is here to guide you through the process.

Choosing the right AV cart can be a difficult task, but Stand Steady is here to help you through the process of selecting the right cart for your workspace.  

Intended Use

The first thing to consider is how you’ll use your audiovisual cart. Teachers have different needs for a classroom cart than businesses do for an office cart. Those primarily using their carts in a single location evaluate them differently than those who need to move them from room to room.

Considering questions like these when choosing an AV cart ensures you’ll have the functionality you need to make work easier:

  • Will you house a computer and keyboard or a TV and projector? Less than that? More?

  • Do you need pegs to hold supplies like tape, headphones, or a standing mat?

  • Do you need extra shelf space for file folders or a locking cabinet to keep your tech safe while you’re away?

  • Does the surface also need enough space to function as a workstation?

  • Do you need a power strip that travels anywhere the media cart does? 

  • Do you need to move or relocate your cart?

With the virtually endless customization available for AV carts, it’s worth taking the time to consider how you can get the utmost use from this long-lasting tool.

Depending on whether you're using your AV cart in the office or the classroom, you'll have different cart needs.


Once you’ve decided how to use your cart, it will be much easier to determine how large or small your AV cart should be. 

Smaller carts have a more compact footprint and are easier to tuck into a corner when not in use. Since they can’t hold as much, they’re lighter when wheeling from one location to another, but they also might leave you lacking the ability to bring everything you need. If the cart will function more as a computer cart, printer cart, or projector cart, a smaller version with a locking cabinet might be large enough to accommodate the necessary equipment while also being a safe space for storing those items when they’re not in use. 

AV carts come in different sizes and with different height functionalities.

Larger carts are great as mobile workstations for entire schools or offices. It’s highly convenient to store entire categories of equipment in one place, so anyone using them can access everything they need. When choosing a larger cart that needs to move, look for one with full-swivel wheels to make mobility a breeze.

Larger media carts allow for more storage space for your workday essentials.

Another consideration when it comes to size is height. Some AV carts are static height, and others are adjustable. Height-adjustable options are ideal if you’re going to use the cart as a mobile desk or need to share it among users of different sizes.

Height adjustable AV carts make the perfect mobile standing desks.

Material and Mobility 

A media cart is generally made of either plastic or metal. Plastic carts are cheaper, lighter, and more forgiving of accidental run-ins with corners and desks. Metal carts have a sleeker, more professional appearance, and their frames adjust for better ergonomics.

Most teacher carts, classroom carts, and office carts have wheels since they’re meant to move. Given the number of items AV carts hold, look for full-swivel wheels that lock for easy mobility and stable placement. 

Full-swivel, locking wheels allow you to take your mobile workstation on-the-go in any workspace!

Storage and Additional Features

You want to put most of your attention on storage capacity and additional features when choosing an AV cart that exceeds your expectations.

A basic cart is more bare bones and offers basic shelves, which is ideal for those who need to store plenty of items but keep the cost to a minimum. Look for an option with adjustable shelves to accommodate changing needs. 

A basic AV cart frame allows for easy storage and helps keep costs to a minimum.

Additional storage features like locking cabinets (one or two), a pullout keyboard tray, and drop-leaf shelving that collapses when not in use allow you to transport multiple items and keep everything more secure. If you prefer a plastic cart, you can still find one that offers many of these convenient features. These options elevate basic carts to all-in-one mobile offices

Added storage features like a pull-out keyboard tray or drop leaf shelving help upgrade your AV cart.

Truly stellar, top-of-the-line AV carts offer pegboard siding with removable peg hooks that allow you to customize on-the-go storage. Flexible pegboard storage holds both small items and items as long or wide as the cart’s side without worry they’ll bounce off as you move. Carts like these are the best of the best, going so far as including built-in UL safety-certified power strips to keep your devices charged and your equipment running without a tangle of cords creating a safety hazard. A fully loaded, innovative option like this transforms a basic AV cart into an absolutely comprehensive mobile workstation.

The Stellar AV cart collection by Stand Steady features innovative pegboard siding.

Our Verdict

You’ve identified what you need to consider when choosing the right AV cart for your workspace. 

Remember, these useful tools are built to last, so it’s worth investing in an option that surpasses the media carts you remember from elementary school. Over time, a customizable audiovisual cart adapts to the changing needs of any office or classroom. 

Check out our handy infographic for the perfect pocket guide to choosing the right AV cart!

The perfect AV cart is one that adapts to you and your workspace.


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Choosing the Right AV Cart for Your Workspace

Choosing the Right AV Cart for Your Workspace

When selecting your ideal AV cart, it’s essential to consider the features that will best meet the needs of your working or learning space. Stand Steady's here to guide you through the process.

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