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X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter | Stand Steady

X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

$ 179.99
FlexPro Hero 37" Sit Stand Desk Converter | Stand Steady

FlexPro Hero 37" Sit Stand Desk Converter

$ 189.99
Flexpro Air Two Level Sit Stand Desk Converter 36 Standing

FlexPro Air 36" Two Level Sit Stand Desk Converter

$ 189.99
X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

$ 219.99
Tranzendesk 55 inch Crank Desk with Clamp and 55" Shelf by Stand Steady

Tranzendesk Crank Standing Desk 55" w/ Clamp On Shelf

$ 369.99
Tranzendesk 55 inch Full size crank operated standing desk with black legs by Stand Steady

Tranzendesk 55" Crank Standing Desk (Black Frame)

$ 349.99
Tranzendesk 60" Electric Standing Desk by Stand Steady

Tranzendesk 60" Electric Standing Desk

$ 499.99
Stand Steady Ergotech One Touch Monitor Arm Sit Desk Converter Standing

ErgoTech One Touch™ Monitor Mount Standing Desk

$ 1,320.20
Techtonic Electric Monitor Arm Standing Desk Sit Stand Converter

Techtonic Electric Triple Monitor Mount Standing Desk Converter

$ 399.99
Three Monitor Desk Mount Sit Stand Electric Desk Converter by Stand Steady

3 Monitor Desk Mount Electric Standing Desk Converter

Sold out$ 379.99
Innovative Winston Workstation Triple Monitor Mount Sit Stand Desk by Stand Steady

Winston Workstation Triple Monitor Mount Standing Desk Converter

$ 897.40


my knees thank you

"I found that this product was bigger and cost less than competition. Well, after only a week I can tell you that this will make a big difference in my life. My whole body is feeling better and I'm able to get more work done since I don't have to take breaks to stretch my legs. Thank you!!"

Holly M.


"I received my desk in the mail last week and have loved it so far. I removed it from the box and it was completely ready to use--no set up needed. It has plenty of space for my monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other items. Each day I start by standing and then lower it for a little while to use it sitting. I definitely recommend it!"



"My overall experience with my stand-up workstation is remarkable. I stand at least six hours out of my 8 hour sift and I forget I'm standing. It's very light and easy to manage. I love it."

Carlie P.

4 stand steady desks in my office and counting!

"My organization of 15 people now has 4 Stand Steady desks! The feature I immediately appreciated was that there is no assembly required, so it can just slide out of the box. We have also loved that shipping is so prompt."

Natalia T.

amazing product

"Life-changing! The coolest injection of energy into my days at work now, lots of interaction with my staff...since I'm already up, why not walk over and talk to them in person instead of emailing and messaging? Truly changed the dynamics and relationship within our our office, not to mention the health side effects. No more back/neck pain at the end of the day, and of course, burning more calories throughout the day certainly is a fantastic benefit!"

Andi M.

gave me a new lease on life

"I have been using the Stand Steady X-Elite XL for the last two weeks...before when sitting all the time, I was crashing at least two times a day and had to get coffee to bring me back up. Since using the Stand Steady, besides just feeling all-around better every day, I no longer crash! I always feel well and wide awake, I get in steps in during the day because I am standing...
I just feel better!"

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