Top 9 Alternative Remedies to Treat Back Pain

Nearly 80% of people will experience back pain in their life. Even minor back pain can make it so hard to enjoy normal activities, like working, gardening or picking up shopping bags. If you have back pain, the sooner you treat it, the less likely it will develop into a chronic condition that requires medication and surgery.

Yoga. There are so many yoga poses which stretch back muscles, which can release tight muscles and bump up your energy. People with back pain who do 12 weeks of yoga see greater improvements in function than those who receive only conventional care.

Massage. Swedish massage is the most common massage therapy, and includes a whole-body approach to relax muscles and joints. Chronic back pain sufferers who get weekly massages report less back pain.

Acupuncture. Back pain is the number one reason people seek acupuncture treatments. People who have back pain and go to acupuncture are more likely to see improved symptoms than those who don’t.

Endorphins. Traditional medicine doesn’t emphasize endorphins enough. Endorphins are hormones and can be just as powerful as traditional medication. They block pain signals from registering in your brain. Aerobic exercise releases endorphins, so get some exercise!

Meditation. Pain specialists understand that pain isn’t just a sensation, it’s much more complicated. Some people have been able to address the pain and the underlying cause of pain using meditation, but relaxing overly tense muscles, and repairing damaged muscles through increased circulation. Even simple beginner level meditations can help re-program your thoughts and reduce pain.

Restorative Sleep. It’s a cycle. Pain causes insomnia for many people who struggle to get enough sleep. But strangely enough, inadequate sleep can make your back pain worse. If you can treat your sleep problem, you can help the back pain also.

Build Your Core. The muscles in your abs and back support your spine. Target these specific muscles groups for 20 minutes every day. Even sitting on an exercise ball or an active sitting Wobble Stool at work can activate the core muscle groups.

Hot Packs/Cold Packs. Applying hot packs or cold packs can really cut down the pain, and help with the healing process. Cold packs reduce inflammation and slows down nerve impulses, which prevents nerve spasms. Hot packs stimulate blood flow, which brings health back to the affected area and inhibits the pain messages going to the brain.

See a Specialist. Sometimes extra help is needed, because there is no magic way to address everyone’s back pain. Everyone requires his or her own treatment plan. Consult with your primary doctor and investigate if a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or exercise physiologist might augment your treatment plan.

We recommend always consulting your doctor to address any back pain, injuries or conditions. While you’re there, bring this list and get your doctor’s input on these alternative remedies! Here’s to you getting BACK to health!

Here's a helpful infographic you can save to refer back to!

Top 9 Alternative Remedies To Treat Back Pain


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