The Original Adapt-a-Desk by Stand Steady | 2 Interchangeable Piece Simple Attractive Desks | Set of 2 Small Tables | Multipurpose - Use As Standing Desk, Laptop Stand, Side Tables Set, Nesting Stand Up Desks & More! 

Designed as a multi-function desk, there are so many ways to use the stylish Adapt-a-Desk 2-piece table/desk set! Use it as a stand up desk! What other space than the office? For starters, use it on your bed or sofa! Or add extra surfaces to any living room or kitchen - these tables are ready to Adapt to your space!


★ SIMPLE NESTING SET: Not only does the Adapt-a-Desk fit into each other, the smaller legs of the smaller table can insert into the endcap holes on the larger table. This feature ensures there are never-ending combinations for your work desk stand 

MULTI-PURPOSE: 2 large surfaces offer endless possibilities – Perfect to use for the office or at home or anywhere you need more surfaces!

EASY TO USE WORKSTATION: Use in combination or slide them apart to make 2 tables when you want to use the desk stands separately – so easy! 

CONVENIENT SIZE: As Goldilocks “just right” size, the Adapt-a-Desk doesn’t take up much space! Use everywhere! Easy to store / space saving design!


YOUR LIVING ROOM: Set up the adaptable table converter set in your living room to eat dinner, have coffee, read, write, type or play games! 

KIDS’ ROOM: Setup for all those projects or creative endeavors your kids have! 

BEDROOMS: Instantly utilize any space by placing these on top! 

YOUR KITCHEN: Set up your recipes on the Adapt-a-Desk, no more bending over to read how many cups of flour you need! Or serve food with the napkins, plates and silverware underneath for your next party! So versatile!

OFFICE WORKSTATION: Quickly converts into your perfect standing desk converter, and with so much desktop space fit all of you necessities on your workstation.

HOME THEATER: Serve popcorn and drinks on the Adapt-a-Desk, and then sit back, relax and enjoy your Friday night movies!


TOP SURFACE DIMENSIONS: Smaller table - 24 x 11.75 inches, Larger table - 24.25 x 11.75 inches 

HEIGHT: Smaller table – 10 inches, Larger table – 12 inches 

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 10.6 pounds 

WEIGHT LIMIT: Smaller table – 5 pounds, Larger table – 25 pounds 

MATERIALS: Made from quality laminated particle board with a smooth white powder-coat finish, and strong metal legs 

ASSEMBLY: Easy to assemble in under 10 minutes!