Car Accident made an entrepreneur – The Stand Steady Story

Day Martin, President & Founder

 Day Martin CEO 

Day Martin was just like you. She was working in a cube at a big corporation, and paying her bills. Then, on New Year’s Day in 2012, Day was on her way to the gym when she was in a car accident. She suffered minor back pain and was uncomfortable sitting at work all day. An inventor at heart, Day decided to make her own makeshift standing desk out of cardboard boxes. Soon, her back felt better.

As her co-workers took notice, and asked for standing desks of their own, Day decided to take her savings and start her own standing desk company. With exponential success and growth, Stand Steady now offers dozens of ergonomic desks and accessories, which are improving the health and wellness of thousands of people each day!


“Take a Stand for your health.”                        

  -Day Martin