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FAQ & Policies

Please see our FAQs and Policies below. If you have any questions we can be reached 9 am to 5 pm EST, Mon - Fri, at 703-688-DESK(3375) or at customerservice@standsteady.com.

-----FAQs----- Q: Can you replace a Missing or Lost Part?
A: If your product arrived missing parts, please email us at customerservice@standsteady.com and let us know the problem and your order ID. Lost parts may be available for replacement or purchase. Stand Steady Desk screws can be bought at Home Depot. Screw specs: 1/4 in.-20 x 1-1/4 in. Phillips Flat-Head Machine Screws (4-Pack)  Q: What are the desktop sizes and footprints of your standing desks?
The X-ELITE PRO Up/Down Desk:   
       Desktop: 28" x 20",   Footprint: approx. 24.5” x 16.8"
The Mega Stand Steady:       
       Desktop: 48" x 24",   Footprint: approx. 41” x 21"
The Executive Stand Steady:
       Desktop: 32" x 22",   Footprint: approx. 28" x 19"
The Original Stand Steady:    
       Desktop: 24" x 20",   Footprint: approx. 18" x 15"
The UpTrak Sit/Stand Desk:   
       Desktop: 25.5" x 17.5", Footprint: approx. 25.5" x 17.5"
The UpTrak Grande Sit/Stand Desk Riser:
       Desktop:Keyboard: 25.5" x 17.5" - 25", Monitor: 15.5" x 11.5", Footprint: 25.5"x17.75"
Transcendesk Standing Desk 55":
       Desktop: 55" x 23.5", Footprint 55" x 24"
Transcendesk Standing Desk 48":
       Desktop: 48" x 31.5", Footprint 48" x 31.5"
Transcendesk Dual Level Standing Desk:
       Desktop: 47" x 27", Footprint 47" x 27"
Latitude Standing Desk:
       Desktop: Monitor level: 31.5" x 11.75"  Keyword Level: 28" x 11.75", Footprint: Same
The Traveler Folding Desk:   
      Desktop: 19.7" x 11", Footprint: approx. 19.5" x 10.5"
  Q: Do you recommend using an anti-fatigue mat with my standing desk? 
A: YES you should be using an anti-fatigue mat!!! We recommend Smart Cells mat because of their proven anti-fatigue technology and their durability. 
Q: Where can I buy Stand Steady products internationally?
A: Some of our products are available for sale internationally at the sites listed below.
Canada:  Amazon.ca
Europe:  Amazon.co.uk
Other International: eBay 
Q: Are your products available for purchase in retail stores?
A: Our products are not currently available in retail stores, but we are in discussions with several retailers
Q: Are your Standing Desks HSA or FSA Qualified?
A: Our standing desks may be eligible for reimbursement through your Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). To qualify you will need a letter of medical necessity from a doctor, including the diagnosis and how this will help alleviate the problem. When submitting, you may want to refer to your new desk as "standing desk equipment" to distinguish it from being a full sized desk.  
Q: Directions for Tax Exempt Orders
A: Please follow the directions below to ensure you are tax exempt. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email customerservice@standsteady.com or call 703-462-9276 (DESK). 
Step #1: Create a Customer Account on our Website (standsteady.com/account/register)     
Step #2: Email your Tax Exempt Forms to customerservice@standsteady.com  *Important! In the Subject Line please let us know the name your account was created under. Ex: Subject: “Tax Exempt: John Stand” 
Step #3: Wait for Stand Steady email confirmation Once received Stand Steady will confirm that your account is tax exempt. We will send you a quick email to confirm your account is in the correct status.  
Step #4: Place your order through our website (standsteady.com) You’re good to go! Your customer account can place tax exempt orders. Note: Your billing address must be the same as the address on your tax-exempt form.  


  1. Shipping: Free shipping
    We offer free shipping on orders to the Continental US. For shipping to locations outside of the Continental US, order from eBay, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.co.uk

  2. Returns: 30 days
    Stand Steady accepts returns of regular orders initiated within 30 days of receipt of product, for products in new condition and original packaging. Please contact us for return authorization information.

  3. Damaged Items / Quality Guarantee
    Any product found within 30 days to have defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced. This includes items arriving damaged or missing parts. Email us at customerservice@standsteady.com and we'll get a replacement part or product out to you quickly. 

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