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You already know that standing desks are perfect for your office, school, library or church...Now you’re ready to make it happen! If you are still trying to pick the perfect desk for your office CHECK OUT THIS PAGE. Otherwise! We offer A generous bulk discounts to make it easier and more affordable for you and your team to be healthy and more productive. Specifically, if you purchase 10 or more of our desks, we’ll give you 10% off the entire order.

Here's how it works:
  • We’ll Send You an Invoice with the Discount Applied
  • You Complete The Order
  • We’ll Send You Your Desks
  • Happy Standing for Your Whole Team!
It’s that simple.

We know from experience that everyone on your staff is going to love standing while they work. We also know that budgets can be tight, so any discount we can offer makes life easier on your accounting department.

Interested? Here’s a few more reasons to outfit your business with products from Stand Steady:

You can Create an up-to-date work environment to entice the best team!

  • Feel More Energized - No more 2pm slump after lunch!
  • More Collaborative Environment - We know the best ideas and problem solving comes from two or more people working together to make magic. Set your office up to encourage the best for your company.
  • Healthy Back - Back pain is a common complaint of office workers today. Help your employees out with a bit of back love!
  • From a company you can trust

    Stand Steady. Because your back is our back. Make your work space better, safer, and healthier than you ever dreamed possible. We have your back.

    We offer a full suite of innovative ergonomic office products tailored for today’s workers. We know you want to work differently, to break up the monotony, to move around more, and get your mind and body connected.

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