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Why Standing Desks?

We get it – maybe you’re unsure about whether or not you actually need a standing desk. After all, it IS a pretty big purchase! We’ve been there – so here at Stand Steady we want you to have the FACTS before you make the leap (or the stand haha). Without further ado, here are the benefits of our Stand Steady standing desks:

X-Elite Pro Corner

Benefits of Standing Desks at Work

Healthy Back & Spine

Our desks and accessories encourage healthy posture - so it helps to end neck and back pain! In fact, studies show that people who started using a standing desk experienced a 54% reduction neck and back pain.

Burn More Calories

Looking for a way to be more active? Even just the smallest step – or stand can help reach your goals! Standing at your new Stand Steady desk can burn an extra 54 calories a day.

50% More Productive

Work smarter – not harder! Because the brain relates standing with “action” and sitting with “relaxing” studies show that you are more effective and more focused when you are standing.

Space Maximising

The X-Elite Pro Corner 

The X-Elite Pro Corner tan


With the easy to use height adjustability, you can set this desk to your perfect height! That means you will lengthen your back and neck, improving your posture and ending your sitting pain!

Turn Any desk into a standing desk

Simply sit the X-Elite Pro Corner on top of your existing desk, and you are ready to start standing or take a sitting break! Keep moving easily with the X-Elite Pro Corner.

X-Elite Pro Corner


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