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The FlexPro Plus 31” Sit Stand Standing Desk Converter delivers everything you’ve been searching for in a standing desk converter – powerful pneumatic lift, dual-levels for better ergonomics, a sliding keyboard tray, and a BONUS tablet/phone holder slot built-in!

You’ve heard the stories about sitting disease, and maybe have thought about getting a standing desk for your work space. Rest assured countless people who use a standing desk report a boost in energy, reduced fatigue, and less back pain at work. Now it’s your turn - clear off your desktop and get ready for this awesome height adjustable sit stand desk!


  • PNEUMATIC LIFT: Strong and reliable dual-pumps assist lifting and lowering the FlexPro Plus 31” Sit Stand Desk Converter!  
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Choose your most comfortable standing height then secure the locks located on both sides, near the back of the desk, to set it securely in place! 
  • TWO LEVEL SURFACE: The top monitor level of the FlexPro Plus 31” can accommodate two monitors (or one monitor and a laptop), plus it has a tablet/phone slot built-in! The keyboard tray provides plenty of space for your keyboard and mouse.  
  • SLIDING KEYBOARD TRAY: The keyboard tray is retractable in both sitting and standing positions so that you can further adjust your typing position. This feature is missing in many similar desks! 
  • GET HEALTHY: It’s time to stand up to sitting disease, have more energy, burn extra calories, and reduce back pain by standing at work. You can do this! Start standing today and make your office and workstation ergonomic and pain-free! 
Stand Steady

Stand Steady is a leading innovator of standing desks and other ergonomic office products. Since 2013, Stand Steady has won numerous awards while earning accolades from Amazon, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business, and MORE!

Stand Steady’s team has YOUR back (literally!). We always want to make sure we offer each of our customers an A+ product AND customer experience. Check out what our valued customers have to say!

No problems, easy and dependable.” - Jillsy

“Great people to work with Kind and understanding..” - Amazon Customer

“Superb seller - follow up email to make sure I was satisfied with the product. Regarding the product - it is superb as well.” – Amin M. 

Stand Steady also offers a 30-day risk-free policy! We work with you to make sure we provide the right ergonomic solution that fits your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Trust the company that stands with you! And start “standing steady” TODAY!

HEIGHT: Pneumatically adjusts from 6.5 to 16 inches inches above the desktop
TABLETOP DIMENSIONS: 20 inches x 31.5 inches
KEYBOARD TRAY DIMENSIONS: 22.5 inches x 9.5 inches
FOOTPRINT: 27.5 x 24.5 inches
BASE: Metal
TOP: Durable laminated particleboard
ASSEMBLY: No assembly required

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Mystery Shopper

I am thrilled with my FlexPro Plus 31" Standing Desk

I've looked at a lot of different stand-up desks before deciding to go with this one and I'm really happy that I took my time to decide. Almost all of them are very much higher priced than this one and I usually don't go with the cheapest price on anything. Something about this one made me decide to go with it and I'm glad I did. I've had this one for about a month now. The desk is the perfect height for me, (I'm 5-91/2" tall) when I'm standing and I had already decided that none of the desks is ideal when in the lowered position because they, obviously, can't collapse flat to the same height of your desktop. But, I just use my old keyboard and mouse tray when sitting and slide the keyboard, into the slide out tray, on the stand-up desk when standing. Now, the big question for me was "how much will I actually stand up at a desk during a normal day?" and "will that amount of standing justify buying a stand-up desk?" I can't believe how much of my work is done in the standing position now. I was really having problems with my back and this has been a real relief on that. The desk is so large that I have two full sized monitors on it and still have room for making a mess like I always have on my normal desk. (see attached image) It takes a bit of a push to lower the desk but that's because it is so sturdy to work on when raised. It has levers to lock it into place but I've never used them and never had a problem with the desk wanting to lower without me doing it. I've never tried the other positions that it locks into, there are a few, so I think most people could find a comfortable height to work in while standing. I'm really tickled with my desk and I think anyone else would be also.

Amazon Customer

Love it! At first I couldn't get the desk

Love it! At first I couldn't get the desk to lock where I wanted it too. But I was making it ******* myself because I didn't read the instructions! It's easy now. Truly love it. My back feels better, I'm more alert. Makes me smile. Thanks FexPro!

Work desk 4me

Got this for work and it works great. Has a large top shelf for any size

Got this for work and it works great. Has a large top shelf for any size monitor and plenty of room for your mouse and note pad. Keyboard drawer is steady so no problem typing. Just glad to be standing at work again. It is large so make sure you have the space but I've already gotten compliments on it from clients.

Amazon Customer

A great adjustable standing work space!

This desk stand is great for the office! I love that I can adjust the height easily when I want to relieve the stress in my neck and back. Fits my laptop and monitor without feeling too cramped. A great standing work space!

Kaitlyn G


I love this desk and I didn't have to spend too much money on it! Perfect solution.