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The DiploMat Anti-Fatigue Mat by Stand Steady® 

Invest in your health and comfort with the DiploMat Anti-fatigue mat (30” x 20” OR 36" X 24"). Designed for use with our Award-Winning Stand Steady standing desks and ergonomic work accessories, the DiploMat is prepared to serve anyone suffering from joint, leg, knee or back pain anywhere – whether that’s at the office, in the kitchen, working retail, and more! Improve your overall health and wellbeing with our highest grade foam mat. This Diplomat wants you to break relations with your sitting life! 

    ANTI-FATIGUE MAT: The DiploMat Anti-fatigue Standing Mat (two sizes) has been appointed by Award-Winning Manufacturer Stand Steady® to represent and protect your legs’ and knees’ interests while standing at work, whether that’s at a standing desk, in your kitchen, garage, retail or wherever you stand up! 

    WHY A DIPLOMAT? If you’re breaking relations with your sitting life, and we hope that you are, you’ll want an ergonomic DiploMat on the scene as your Chief of Mission – what mission? Relieving knee and joint stress, preventing standing fatigue, and making a declaration of health! (The DiploMat is compatible with all Stand Steady standing desks: The X-ELITE Pro, UpTrak, FlexPro, and Tranzendesks) 

    STANDING CREDENTIALS: The DiploMat has a funny & clever name, but is a serious & safe anti-fatigue mat. Prevent injuries and promote your health with engineered commercial grade thickness, plus enjoy many exciting features: 1) a seamless low beveled-edge design which prevents tripping; 2) a stainless and abrasion-resistant surface which is easy to clean, and 3) a non-slip base which keeps the DiploMat firmly in place! 

    PASSPORT TO HEALTH: The DiploMat has traveled widely and is ready for use with standing desks, in cubes, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, for retail & more! Accredited for safety, the DiploMat is non-toxic and phthalate free. The soft foam layer within adapts to the contours of your feet and will not over-compress! 

    MAT MISSION: To negotiate a treaty with your back pain, joint stress, and feet – it’s time to stand together in comfort! The high-quality foam DiploMat is extra thick for your ergonomic comfort. Buy a DiploMat today to represent and protect your overall health! 



    • DURABLE: High-quality foam will not over-compress over time.  
    • SAFE: Premium surface and beveled edge design will prevent tripping, and grip underside will keep mat firmly in place. 
    • NON-TOXIC: The DiploMat is non-toxic and phthalate free. 
    • COMPATIBLE: The DiploMat is compatible with all Stand Steady standing desks: The X-ELITE Pro, UpTrak, FlexPro, and Transcendesks. 
    • COMFORT: Extra Thick ¾” DiploMat is designed for your ergonomic comfort with high-grade foam, eliminating back pain, knee pain, joint pain caused by standing for long periods of time. 
    • WATERPROOF: This DiploMat is wearing rain gear [Symbol] - Premium surface with waterproof foam surface. 
    • DIMENSIONS: 30 x 20 x .75 inches  OR 36 x 24 x .75 inches


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    Kim T

    Very Comfortable!

    This mat is perfect. My feet hurt less when standing, just the right amount of support and comfort.

    Marvin P.
    United States

    AIR 37 Stand Steady

    Day, Thank you for reaching out to us today. My wife works from home and loves her new AIR37. She stands up most of the day at her desk and the AIR 37 is perfect for her and just the right height. The reason we bought our new AIR 37 is when we were doing some research on all the adjustable height desks, your customer service folks answered all our questions and were very patient with us. Thank you very much!!!

    lind b.
    United States

    Surprised at how easily

    Surprised at how easily it goes up and down, even when loaded. I had worried about the quality because I bought it without having seen one. but I am very pleased with this purchase. I am starting to feel better and I am only sorry I waited so long to start standing up.

    geraldine c.
    United States

    Best Purchase for Old Woman

    At 80 yrs old, I spend much-to-much time sitting at my computer. After playing games, jig-saw puzzles, etc. I'm so stiff from sitting it's ridiculous. Stand Steady has made a huge difference for me. No more stiffness or leg cramps at night. Overall, I'm like 60 again! I'm waiting to receive the Mat, as we speak. Thank You for your invention.