What to Wear at Your Standing Desk!

What to Wear at Your Standing Desk!

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

Heads up Loft! Target! Banana Republic! Remember a few years ago, when you said you were making bigger pockets for my new iPhone 6 Plus? That hasn’t really happened. I was at Target recently looking at pants, and there really aren’t any pants with a pocket that fits that beast of a phone. We almost need to make a smock with one big pocket, but like, in black so it’s business-y, that we can wear every day, to hold our ginormous phones. Ok, it would look like this, I drew it:

Smock to hold large phones for fashion

Here at Stand Steady, we all have stand up desks, with a new fashion problem. When we use them, we stand in sometimes different and creative ways. I am talking about putting one leg up, in a modified tree pose, using the existing sitting desk as a ledge. We also stand in second position, which we learned from ballet. (See photo below, where I'm at a FlexPro Precision.) We also sit back down and sit cross-legged on our chairs. And then stand up again, and do the other leg resting on the sitting desk. To answer my own question, yes, I think I do need standing desk pants. It’s time to let business pants get as diverse as yoga pants. Fashion people: please study this. People aren’t sitting down at their jobs anymore, but they aren’t standing there in a perfect standing position either. This calls for flexibility. So, that’s my info fresh from office land – now go make us some standing desk pants!

Standing desk pants for use with stand up desk converters.

In the meantime, a close second to specially modified standing desk pants are pants that are tailored and fit comfortably. Find a pair of jeans or slacks that are your perfect length and offer a good amount of elasticity while still holding their shape all day. If needed, pair with a belt that hugs your hips and midsection without cutting into your stomach or restricting motion.


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