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Is an Anti-Fatigue Mat Necessary with my Standing Desk?

Is an Anti-Fatigue Mat Necessary with my Standing Desk?

We all want to know what’s up with anti-fatigue mats. Do they work? Are they necessary? What features should we be looking for when we shop for one? Well, we do get feedback from our stand up desk community, that anti-fatigue mats help so much, for many reasons.

An anti-fatigue mat is a must-have any time you're going to be standing for a prolonged period of time. That includes many service industry jobs, workshops, garages, kitchens, and now with the rising popularity of standing desks many offices, too! Anti-fatigue mats provide cushioned support to stop joint pain in its tracks. Have you ever stood at a cash register for 8 hours with no break and no mat? I (unfortunately) have, and it's a dull allover ache I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Trust me: get the mat.

DiploMat Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

First, we can look at the more technical aspects of anti-fatigue mats. Thicker mats are going to benefit workers more. This is because thicker mats offer more compression and that translates to more relief on the foot, which makes sense. We like the ones that adapt to the contours of your feet, relieve joint pain, and don’t overcompress.

A few other great features to look for are a beveled-edge on the mat, to prevent tripping, and to make it easy to roll your chair across it. We also prefer thick foam and a non-slip underside or base.

And the most important feature an anti-fatigue mat offers is safety. Just by using a mat, research has shown that potential damage is prevented. When standing on a mat, the mat stimulates the foot and legs. This is important for circulation and reducing fatigue.

So, go stimulate your legs and feet, and prevent joint stress with a DiploMat Anti-Fatigue Mat, and get more energy from your standing desk lifestyle. Because standing up is really the way the human body was designed to be happy and healthy!

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