The BEST Standing Desk: The X-Elite Pro!

The BEST Standing Desk: The X-Elite Pro!

The BEST Standing Desk: The X-Elite Pro!

So you wanna start standing at work, eh? You think you got what it takes? You totally do! Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a sit stand desk, but the question is which one do you choose? You could spend too much on a stand up desk with tricky assembly, or you could save valuable time and money with the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro!

5 Benefits of the X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

1. No Assembly Required!

The X-Elite Pro sit stand converter takes effortless to a whole new level. There's absolutely no assembly required, which means it's ready to go right out of the box! Just place this one level standing desk converter on your existing workspace, lift the handle, and voila! Suddenly you have an ergonomic workstation. See ya, squeaky office chair! 
Check out this video to see how simple it is: The X-Elite Pro Series Standing Desks by Stand Steady

2. Super Versatile!

Whether you work in a cubicle or a home office, the X-Elite Pro fits into your space. This stand up desk comes in four colors, which means you're bound to find an option that matches your style. The most popular option is black, but if you're looking for a white standing desk converter or a sit stand desk in a wood finish, we have those, too! Plus, because the X-Elite has such a slim profile and small footprint, this adjustable standing desk won't take up precious space. 

Some X-Elites in their natural habitats! Go matchy-matchy with a monochromatic setup or mix it up and stand out!

And if that's not already enough options, the X-Elite family offers two additional adjustable stand up desks: The X-Elite Pro XL (a standing desk converter for two monitors!) and the X-Elite Pro Glide (an ultra-slim and sleek stand up desk converter).
Check out the whole family: X-Elite Series Comparison Chart.

3. Easy to Adjust!

One of the main concerns people have when making the switch to a standing desk is how simple the adjustment mechanism is. After all, if you're considering using a standing desk, you don't want to aggravate your neck and back pain. The good news is the X-Elite Pro adjustable standing desk converter couldn't be easier! With just one ergonomic handle, the pneumatic air assisted lift raises your workspace to your perfect standing height. And unlike other standing desks, the X-Elite Pro doesn't have limited preset standing heights, making it the perfect standing desk for short people and tall people alike.

4. Raises Straight Up and Down!

A key feature of the X-Elite Pro is its unobtrusive up down lift. Whether sitting or standing, this desk will not come out into your space. And because it's a straightforward up-down desk, it can fit onto a fairly shallow workspace: if you have 20 inches to spare, you have enough room for the X-Elite. 

5. Start Standing Right Away!

One of the best/worst parts of shopping online is anxiously awaiting for your package to arrive. The good news about the X-Elite Pro is this sit stand desk converter won't keep you waiting for long. If you're an Amazon Prime shopper, the X-Elite will be at your door in just two days, and if ordering directly from Stand Steady's website, you can expect it via FedEx Ground in less than one week. That means no refreshing your email over and over again waiting for that shipping notification that never seems to come. 
Check out X-Elite Pro buying options! Amazon | Stand Steady


    Congrats on making the switch to a standing desk! Next time you stroll over to the water cooler and hear talk of bad backs and low energy, you'll be thinking, "Can't relate!" Looks like you'll have to bring up another conversation topic to join in on the office smalltalk, perhaps the weather or who got the final rose on that silly reality show you definitely don't watch. Or maybe let your coworkers know about the easy-to-use, no-assembly-required standing desk that's guaranteed to change their workflow. 

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