Stand Steady in Seattle

Stand Steady in Seattle

Stand Steady in Seattle

Stand Steady just got back from the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneur Conference at Amazon, at their corporate HQ in Seattle, Washington, and we need to brag a little. Our CEO, Day Martin, was recognized by Amazon Business, a relatively new platform within the marketplace, specifically for business buyers. Day has been instrumental in advising the Amazon Business team, providing the voice of the seller to the team designing the Amazon Business department. As such, she was invited to speak at the Inaugural Women’s Entrepreneur Conference, and we’re all so proud!

Stand Steady CEO Day Martin visits Amazon to talk selling Standing Desks

She offered fantastic advice to the over 250 women in attendance who also own a Woman-Owned Small Business that are selling on Amazon. Thanks to YOU! - All our customers and community of standing desk users who have helped us grow to this point – you’re all at the forefront of our minds each day as we work hard to serve you and your ergonomic office!

If you want to read more about the conference, search for the conference hashtag on twitter, facebook and instagram: #AmazonWEC

-Ellen O'Hearn

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