My week by week unapologetic take on standing desks

My Week by Week Unapologetic Take on Standing Desks

My Week by Week Unapologetic Take on Standing Desks

Week 1 – I hate this.

Here’s the thing – I’ve been out of college and sitting in my office cubicle for 2 years and then I took the leap of faith to transition to a sit/stand desk. I read somewhere on some blog on some fitness site that even if I work out – it still would not take away the harmful effects of sitting on my behind all day. As someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy working out – there is absolutely no way I’m putting myself through a workout and NOT have it count 100%.  So here we are. *reads 7 additional articles on the dangers of sitting*   

I set up my new desk – here's the set up of my Tranzform Electric Standing Desk

Tranzform Electric Standing Desk

and I absolutely HATE standing. In the first hour of standing I’m somewhat short of breath and just for the love of all that is good in the world someone get me a chair. That’s pretty much it, but I read online that that is common. I put my gansta rap on to tune out the sound of my heavy breathing and push on. … ok I took a break after an hour.

Average Hours Standing Per Day: 3 hours

Most Noticeable Difference: Self-Loathing

Week 2 -  The “itis” is gone.

OKAY. My second week has gone a little easier. I am no longer out of breath and my body seems to be acclimating to standing.  THE BIGGEST THING I'VE NOTICED IS.. You know the feeling you get after lunch where you consider going to your car to take a nap? Say goodbye to that! I feel more productive and energized. I am staying focused and work is actually getting done. Trust me – it’s a big deal.

Average Hours Standing Per Day: 3.5 hours

Most Noticeable Difference: No After Lunch Slump

Week 3 -  The backpain that I just learned to live with is gone.

Listen up ladies (and gentlemen too I guess): I have the worst back pain and I have tried everything. I've tried massages, chiropractor, and even acupuncture. I found that everything can help for a little while – but overall it comes back. I realize now that a lot of it has come from slouching over at my computer for 8 hours a day.  The thing about my standing desk – is that it does not let me slouch. When you have a truly ergonomic setup you just don’t slouch. It’s that and a combination of stretching that I can do throughout the day that I have noticed an extreme improvement in my comfort.

Average Hours Standing Per Day: 4 hours

Most Noticeable Difference: Back pain gone & Coworker telling me that my standing desk dancing is distracting…..awkward.


Week 4 – I didn’t know what I didn’t know….but I know it now.

In conclusion to my 4 week journey – I am officially a true believer of standing desks. The benefits I personally get from it are just irreplaceable. I mean check out my list of benefits. I recommend taking it slow or at least go at your own pace. Some people are meant to stand for 8 hours a day and some people (like me) find it much more beneficial to sit for half the day and stand for half. Also wear comfortable shoes and definitely get a good anti-fatigue mat. Don’t be ashamed to stretch and dance a little. If you’re like me and spend 8 hours a day at work, be as happy as you can be. I didn’t know that such a small change could make such a huge difference in my life, but here we are. And I love it.

Average Hours Standing Per Day: 4 hours

Most Noticeable Difference:  Coworkers now jealous and are also getting standing desks. #trendsetter



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