A New Era of Stand Steady

A New Era of Stand Steady

A New Era of Stand Steady

Ahh, December. Time for figuring out what you're doing for the holidays and starting to map out New Year's resolutions. But here's an interesting thing someone said to me this past week: "If you start now, by the new year those big changes will just be a good habit." We've taken that same approach here at Stand Steady with a brand new logo!

We're so excited about this new change and what it means for us! We were motivated to change things up as we continue to offer more than just standing desks and sit to stand desk converters. We're proud to offer affordable standing desk solutions, but also desk accessories, chairs, mobile carts, and more...so what do all of these things have in common?

Motion and productivity!

Whether it's the physical act of transitioning from sitting to standing, or knowing your Stand Steady product was integral in rocking your to-do list for the day. Our priority has always been helping you be your best, most productive self, and we really feel like this new logo captures that energy. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

As this logo is brand new, it may take a little while before you see it replaced across the board. So don't be alarmed if you receive a product that features our previous logo, it's still us! 

 Changing our logo to be more modern and interpretive is something we're incredibly excited about! We're in good company with well-known corporations who have made similar changes over time, including Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, and more!

If there are any design buffs and font nerds reading, I'm sure you'll remember the vintage logo trend from a new years ago. Maybe it was because Mad Men and clothing in 60s and 70s silhouettes were all the rage. Brands were turning to serif fonts and illustrative motifs in their logo design, selling not only their products, but the concept of nostalgia. Many of the brands doing so have been around since the 60s (and even earlier), so they simply returned to former design concepts and packaging, while newer brands developed a retro feel out of thin air. And while this definitely helped sales across all industries, the return to retro didn't last long.

Ex: Cap'n Crunch's return to their old logo and packaging for a short run in 2010

We're excited that designers and consumers are once again favoring bright colors, sans serif fonts, and clean lines, because we certainly do, too. Here at Stand Steady, we get excited about forward motion, innovation, and seeing things from a new perspective. We really feel as though this new logo emulates these values and fits in with all of the exciting products and processes we have coming soon!

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