Enriching the Office Space on a Human Scale with a X-ELITE PRO that Blends In

Enriching the Office Space on a Human Scale with a X-ELITE PRO that Blends In

Enriching the Office Space on a Human Scale with a X-ELITE PRO that Blends In

We all have complicated relationships with our things these days, don’t we? Although I was one of the last people to get an iPhone, it is a big part of my day now. I recently decided to upgrade the case to a white and purple soft rubber panda bear. It makes me happy. Naturally I ordered it on Amazon, because as anyone who has Prime can relate, that’s about the only place I shop now.

The Switch Sit/Stand Standing Desk by Stand Steady is the simple, affordable and balanced choice for people who want to incorporate standing into their work day.

It is weird though, the psychology of buying. And it has changed completely since the 80s and 90s. In the late 80s I spent a summer with my grandparents in Groveland, California. After picking me up at the San Francisco Airport, and what seemed like a long time driving, we had to take a really, really steep, long and curvy road to the tiny town. I got carsick. We didn’t go back down the hill maybe more than 2 times in 4 weeks. I spent leisurely afternoons flipping through the JC Penney catalog and drinking Cream Soda. I wanted it all. The photos were so appealing. It wasn’t just a cool comforter set, it was a really clean, peaceful, sunny room.

Amazon is very much the new JC Penney Catalog. Except we don’t have to read tiny codes to some nice lady on the phone to make a purchase. And it doesn’t take 4-6 weeks to arrive. But the pictures are the same. That’s what we buy, this idea in a tiny photo, this thing that will improve our lives so much. The majority of Amazon shoppers buy on mobile, which also means the photos we see are really small.

Which brings me to our latest and greatest product, the amazing amazing amazing X-ELITE PRO Height Adjustable Sit / Stand Desk. This thing is so awesome! We worked so long and so hard on this product. Like most awesome things we like, it’s so natural and easy, people are going to say, “why didn’t I think of that?” The photos of the X-ELITE PRO are easy to understand, even on a mobile device.

This nifty thing needs a month in a design museum somewhere. Compared to the heavy, dual lift, and clunky desktop standing desk competitors, the X-ELITE PRO brings a gentle balance between an existing work space and transitioning to standing for part of the work day. Because of its modern design sensibilities, it blends into any desk space beautifully, and when viewed at eye level, the one inch thick desk top virtually disappears in the collage of monitors, laptops, stacks of paper, pens and mice. The grid on the base features 6 golden rectangles, (and that’s not a color.) It’s a naturally pleasing shape and scale, and proportionally creates a soothing office space. Finally, the X-ELITE PRO allows us to sit or stand, switching from one to the other in seconds, and reap all the well-known health and mental benefits of spending more of our days standing. This is a thing worth having.

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