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5 Ways the Wobble Stool Can Significantly Improve your Work Life

Posted by Keina Schweikart on

1      Focus

With the ability to move or rock freely, the Wobble Stool can help improve your focus and your memory. Studies show that the rocking motion can help calm the brain and facilitate concentration. While this will benefit everyone, the movement is especially helpful for tactile and kinetic learners!

2      Improved Stability and Balance

By constantly engaging your core to stay balanced, you strengthen your core muscles; strengthening these muscles protect and strengthen your lower back as well.  The Wobble Stool can be adjusted anywhere from 18 – 25.5 inches.  Set it to the height your most comfortable with and begin balancing right away.

3      Better Posture

Better posture goes hand in hand with your improved stability and balance.  The design of the Wobble Stool forces you to sit up straight in order to balance. This is a great tool for correcting your posture – giving you the ability to sit and walk taller. Not to mention, it’s a great accessory for those of you who have standing desk. If you ever need a short break, simply adjust the height of your stool and keep working!

4      Affordable

Many ergonomic chairs that offer similar benefits can get quite pricey and sometimes can cost over $400! Keep an eye out for our special discounts and promotions coming soon with Stand Steady's new Wobble Stool.

5      Fun

I’ve been using our Up Wobble Stool for over a month now and I can honestly say it has been a lot of fun to use! The stool can rock, wobble, and spin so it has been much easier to move around. It comes in numerous different great colors so it really brightens up my office.



-Keina Schweikart

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