25 Gifts Under $25 for Your Entire List | Gift Guide

25 Gifts Under $25 for Your Entire List | Gift Guide

25 Gifts Under $25 for Your Entire List | Gift Guide

Stand Steady Annual Gift Guide

Happy holidays! Whether you’re a gift-giving master or a total novice, there’s bound to be at least a few people on your list who have you stumped. But instead of stress-eating cookies and loading up on gift cards, opt for one of these totally unique, budget-friendly gift ideas!

1. For the Guy Who Knows (Almost) Everything

Random Illustrated Facts: A Collection of Curious, Weird, and Totally Not Boring Things to Know

We all have that one friend who’s a walking encyclopedia. This book offers fun, easy-to-read factoids (there’s pictures!) that will up their knowledge and take their bar trivia team to victory in the new year.
$12.29, Amazon

2. For the Friend Who Really Should be on Food Network Already

Monkey Business Write-On Icing Pencil

For your friend whose confections are equal parts quirky and delicious!
$16.99, Amazon

3. For the Street Style Enthusiast

Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City

This book is perfect for anyone who loves fashion, photography, and the city that never sleeps. 68 New Yorkers—a pilot, an MLB player, and Andy Warhol’s assistant, to name a few—tell the stories behind their most beloved articles of clothing.
$16.99, Amazon

4. For the Puzzlemaster

Mudpuppy Little Feminist 500 Piece Family Puzzle

Puzzles are the perfect family activity during the holiday season. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy this bright, illustrated 500-piecer that also will start some fun and engaging conversations about iconic women in history.
$13.99, Amazon

5. For Your Coworker Who's Always Cold

Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug

These beautiful mugs come in a wide array of colors and come in both left and right-handed versions! Perfect for that coworker who always thinks the office is too cold.
$24.94, Amazon

6. For the (Emerging) Green Thumb

Plants for Pets Succulents (5 Pack)

This adorable 5-pack of succulents can be given to one friend who’s super into gardening, or split up and gifted five ways! Each succulent measures 2x2” and can be potted in a wide array of decorative plant holders. Succulents are notoriously easy to care for, making them the perfect adornment for a desk, bedroom, or low-light home.
$15.95, Amazon

7. For the Listmaker

Rifle Paper Co. "Let's Do This" Notepad

No matter how advanced technology gets, there's still something to be said for an old fashioned pen-and-paper list. This one from Rifle Paper Co. is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. 
$16.99, Stand Steady

8. For the Spill-Prone Officemate

BUBM Desk Pad Protector

This PU leather desk pad comes in 3 sizes and 7 colors, ensuring you can find the perfect aesthetically-pleasing solution for your coworker who is constantly cleaning up spills and buffing scratches out of their desk. Plus, this adds thin layer of comfort padding (and a mouse pad!) to their desk top.
$22.99, Amazon

9. For the Traveler

ban.do Getaway Travel Neck Pillow

For the girl (or guy!) on the go who likes things to be a little more on the colorful side. This plush neck pillow has moldable interior beads ensuring just about anyone can get comfy. Drawstring ties keep it securely around your neck or attached to luggage for loss-proof travel!
$24.00, Amazon

10. For the Dog Parent

Blueberry Pet Fair Isle Pullover Dog Sweater

Let’s face it: We all know someone who likes their dog more than they like most people. This pullover comes in a bunch of different prints and sizes, and will keep their pet warm (and stylish!) into the new year. Plus, Blueberry Pet supplies an easy-to-follow size guide so you can shop confidently!
$13.99-$20.99, Amazon

11. For the Roadtripper

Stand Steady Ergonomic Back Cushion

This is the perfect way to show someone you care! Great for office workers, roadtrippers, or anyone with chronic pain. This cushion has an ultra-plush cover with breathable mesh, and contours perfectly to the spine for hours of comfort. They’ll think of you every time they sink into their seat.
$24.99, Amazon

12. For the Movie (Snack) Buff

Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

It is a fact universally acknowledged that movie theater popcorn is the best popcorn. Another fact: movies are expensive and sometimes an at-home movie night will have to suffice. Up your favorite cinephile’s snack game with this at-home movie theater popcorn popper. This handy tool easily pops loose kernels and includes a slotted top for perfectly melting and distributing butter. Now all they have to do is pick the movie!
$12.99-$20.69, Amazon

13. For Your Office White Elephant

Dino Memo Holder and Desk Organizer

Anyone would be happy to receive more desktop organization, making this dino memo holder perfect for office gift exchanges. This quirky memo clip is also a handy space to stash pens and pencils. Comes with a pack of white memo notes. RAWRRRR!
$17.99, Stand Steady

14. For the Artist

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tube (12-36 Piece Set)

Art is a great stress reliever, and these basic acrylics are the perfect starter kit! Choose from 12 to 36 colors, and maybe even throw in a few canvases or brushes to get the recipient started!
$16.91-$24.22, Amazon

15. For the Classy Contact-Wearer

Funcase Mini Stylish Contact Lens Travel Case

Perfect for that one friend who uses and abuses their contacts. Say goodbye to leaving lenses out to dry on the nightstand and not having solution while on the go. This sleek kit comes in five colors, and includes a double contact case, refillable solution bottle, and soft-grip tweezers for sanitary application. This is one of those gifts that will come in handy every day, that the recipient wouldn't think to get themselves.
$7.99-$8.99, Amazon

16. For the Scent-sitive

Outys Refillable Perfume Atomizer (12 mL)

Scents are personal, so it’s always tricky gifting them. Instead, opt for a refillable perfume atomizer, which turns any signature scent into a travel-size! No more spending extra cash on tiny travel sizes or misplacing free samples. Plus, the Outys kit includes 4 atomizers, plus funnels, a cleansing cloth, and secure travel case for leak-proof transfer!
$19.97, Amazon

17. For the Winter Weather Enthusiast

Livingston Winter Soft Knitted Beanie with Fur Pom-Pom

This knitted beanie comes in over 30 color combinations, so go ahead and pick up a few so your squad can all match next time you brave the cold!
$14.99, Amazon

18. For the Little Scientist

National Geographic Break Open Geodes

Treat the scientist in your life to a kit that doubles as learning material and beautiful décor! This kit boasts 10 hand-selected geodes and a comprehensive learning guide that teaches kids and adults alike about how geodes are formed. It also includes safety goggles, a magnifying glass, and a display stand to show off the multiple types of geodes included.
$24.99, Amazon

19. For the 90s Kid

Cards Against Humanity 90s Nostalgia Expansion Pack

This kit is sure to make game nights much more nostalgic. Who doesn’t love to reminisce about Nickelodeon slime and Moon Shoes? This does require the recipient already own the original Cards Against Humanity, so keep that in mind (or make it a combo gift!)
$7.99, Amazon

20. For the Mermaid at Heart

Coshine Rose Gold Mermaid Makeup Brush Set (10 pc.)

Maybe these brushes were the “thingamabobs” Ariel was talking about! This set has everything you need to do a full face of makeup; it was mer-made for the beauty guru on your list!
$10.99, Amazon

21. For the Environmentalist

Bee’s Wrap Original Reusable Food Wraps

These sustainable, super-cute food wraps will last for up to one year with strenuous use! Perfect for wrapping cheese, fruit, sandwiches, and more. If you have a friend who’s trying to go zero-waste, they’ll appreciate this handy tool to help them make the transition.
$18.00, Amazon

22. For the Kid at Heart

Play-Doh Party Dag (15 Count)

Another gift to give to one person or divvy up into a bunch of gift bags! Play-Doh is a fun nostalgic toy for all ages, and also works as a stress ball or silent fidget toy.
$5.97, Amazon

23. For the Bookworm

Frostbeard Studio Rainy Day Reads Handmade Soy Candle

This handmade soy candle will burn for hours and make the recipient’s home smell like a cozy library. Perfect for weekends spent drawing the blinds and getting into a good book.
$18.00, Amazon

24. For the Messy Tech Wiz

Self Adhesive Cable Clips

These cute silicone clips offer an easy cable management solution to keep device cords tidy while preventing them from accidentally falling behind your desk when you detach them from a device. Simply stick them on your desk or other work surface using the self adhesive backing, and you're ready to go! Another great choice for office gift exchanges.
$9.99, Stand Steady

25. For the Quali-Tea Friend

Fred & Friends Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Officially the cutest way to steep loose-leaf tea. This little sloth hugs onto the side of a mug to brew the perfect cup of tea, while reducing waste! If the tea drinker in your life isn’t much of a sloth fan, Fred & Friends offer a bunch of different adorable animal shapes.
$8.29-$13.99, Amazon


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