Five Surprising Benefits of a Standing Desk at Work

Five Surprising Benefits of a Standing Desk at Work

Five Surprising Benefits of Standing at Work

Other than all of the well-known benefits of standing more often at work, such as less back pain, more energy and a longer life, let’s look at some surprising, funny and less well-known benefits of standing at work.

1. When you are standing at work, you are less sleepy. I’ve been standing at work for 14 months now. I will never go back to sitting. However, in November I had pneumonia and was feeling pretty awful for about a week, and I sat during that week. I was so sleepy! I was on steroids, an antibiotic and albuterol, but still, I was really sleepy. Also related to sleepiness, I had brain fog and couldn’t concentrate as well. Then this week I had a cold again and decided to switch to sitting for the last few days. Again, I’ve been sleepy. Right around 2:30 pm yesterday I felt like I was in a coma and I was going to literally fall asleep at my desk. I took a brisk walk outside in the winter air, and felt much better.   

2. You are able to sign for packages much quicker. UPS and FedEx stop by every day here, sometimes several visits a day. I can quickly sign for a package, tell them how to spell “Ellen”--no not Owen, no not Allen--and get back to work, without too much interruption. I find that during the weeks I’m sitting at work, if UPS shows up, I sort of wait and look around to see if a co-worker is going to sign for that. And wait. And then get up.


3. More eating. Yes this is an unexpected one, isn’t it? If I’m already standing and my co-workers seem to get distracted with a phone call or meeting, I usually take that as a cue to visit the fridge. I’ve become an all-day snacker. This combines standing and walking. I have to walk to the fridge, walk back to my desk and eat, walk to the stinky-food trashcan in another room, and walk back to my desk. Eating while standing is very active, and I can think better when I’m not starving.

4. Holier than Thou. I think I learned that phrase growing up in Texas. What it means for those of us who stand-eth, it that we are better-eth than thou who sit-eth. We will never say this out loud, but we all know it. If over 75 percent of your officemates are standing, you’re going to feel this really intensely. A pressure to stand, and suddenly you might be shopping for a standing desk of your very own. I would offer this advice: be amongst the first-eth to stand-eth.


5. Frumpy Shoe Justification. I’m so done with high heels. Or any heels for that matter. I currently wear Minnetonka moccasins to work every day. Sometimes I wear Converse sneakers, to be fancy and also to stop the office chatter that I’m wearing slippers (Minnetonkas are SHOES, not SLIPPERS, by the way).

Have you found any funny benefits of standing at work? We would love to hear about them and we would extra-love any pictures! Enjoy standing!

- by Ellen O'Hearn


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