Sticky Situation for Standing Desk Company

Sticky Situation for Standing Desk Company

There are so many fun ways to procrastinate at work, and convince yourself that you’re really working. I recently did this by researching a way to get our logo up on the wall in sticker form.

Does putting a logo up on the wall make money? No! It spends money! There is no revenue generated by this fun act; selling affordable standing desks online generates revenue! Still, it felt necessary. We have already furnished our multi-office suite with desks and computers, painted some accent walls in a beautiful orange hue, which we later realized was very similar to Home Depot’s orange, (and we happen to have Home Depot as part of our view). And we have nice gray carpet and aluminum shelving and bookcases, and of course, some adjustable standing desks to sell.

So the natural next step was a 36” square sticker of our logo, above our printer table. This will be useful in many ways. First of all, if we suddenly forget where we work, we can just turn around and have our memories jolted: Oh! Stand Steady! Stand Steady standing desks, of course!

Also when the Fedex guy stops by every day, he will know he’s in the right suite without having to squint at the tiny numbers next to the door. Same for the mailman.

If we happen to get on the local news, this logo is going to look great on TV. Orange is stimulating, and viewers will just love it.

For our employees, now it feels real, if it didn’t before. It’s like a mermaid at Starbucks, or a circle-target thing at Target. It’s official! We manufacture desktop stand up desks, and now we have a giant logo for all our communicating, branding, marketing and selling.

Seriously though, it’s a sign of the times. Logos before social media didn’t have to be squares. I don’t remember logos in the 1990s. Maybe they were out there, but we didn’t see them every single day on Facebook. But square logos are here now, and Stand Steady’s square is on the wall; it is a little sign that we’ve entered the playing field, the e-commerce, social media, consumer party, and our calling card is bright. Thanks to Walls360 who made our sign and was so helpful and affordable, and delivered so quickly! Now, before I get to work, I just need a few minutes to consider anything else we can turn into a giant sticker.


-Ellen O'HearnNew 360walls logo for standing desk manufacturer.

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