Sometimes It Is Best to go Vertical with a Standing Desk and Stand Up Desk Accessories

by Chiran Udas January 19, 2015

When our product design team started working on a monitor
stand, the first thing we noticed was a lack of tall monitor stands on the
market. Whether you are a tall, average or shorter height, the ergonomics of
standing at work call for a monitor height where your eyes are level with the
top third of the screen. A 2 inch high monitor stand, which is the most common
height monitor stand we found, usually will not provide that set up, whether
you are sitting or standing.
Standing desk monitor stand

Our team encountered the same issues when creating the
Stand Steady height adjustable stand up desks. Many affordable standing desks
were simply not high enough, to be ergonomic for a range of people. Each time
we see a new desktop standing desk in the news, we are disappointed to see how
many are advertising their products, using laptops and with a person standing
and looking down at such a sharp angle. That posture is screaming neck pain!

As for the aesthetic, we wanted the monitor stand to
match our best-selling Stand Steady standing desks, which have modern clean
lines, sturdy aluminum legs and melamine black tops. So that’s what we ended up
with: a professional looking melamine surface which is 23.5 inches by 10.25
inches, and is 4.5 inches high, supported by sturdy aluminum legs. And for the
second Jumbo color, we decided to go with clear glass. Not only is it sturdy and
professional, this modern material allows your current desk color shine
through. So this works well with our entire product line, whether you have
black, maple, cherry or white, or whatever sitting or stand up desk you already
have in place.

The Jumbo is selling very well; we might have
underestimated the creativity of our buyers. Many customers use the Jumbo on
their sitting desk. Other feedback that we have is that customers are using it
outside of the desk space, such as to keep a computer tower off of the carpet,
as a small TV stand, and a printer stand. I personally have my laptop on the
jumbo, and it’s has brought the laptop to the same height as my extra monitor.
It’s amazing to have both screens, and really increases my productivity and

Once the stand is in place, there is more desk space
created instantly. You can put paper under it, or if you are writing on paper,
you can slide your keyboard underneath the Jumbo, to create more work surface.
This is so valuable in our office spaces today, where maybe you only have a 40
inch wide desk. Going vertical with your monitor stand gives you that extra
space you’ve been missing. And with a brand you can trust like Stand Steady,
you know you can depend on this accessory for reliability and a trustworthy
design. These stands support up to 35 pounds. The Jumbo arrives flat-packed and
all required tools are included; in under five minutes, you can assemble the
stand with the enclosed four screws, and start to relieve your eye, neck and back
strain created when you are looking down too far at your monitor.

Chiran Udas
Chiran Udas


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