Stand Steady grows and reaches new heights in Fairfax VA.
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Stand Steady, Maker of Desktop Standing Desks, Expands into Larger Office Space near Mosaic District in Fairfax Virginia

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

Due to the popularity and success of our standing desk products, our company is expanding and growing, and recently found new office space. We showed you a peek of the raw space with no carpet, and empty, in our newsletter on November 2, 2014. Since then I haven’t blogged or done a newsletter. Moving takes a lot of time and energy!

This is my first day to sit down on the job in about 2 weeks. It feels like we have been doing our own version of an HGTV project, here in our new office space. I really like sitting down for this hour, even though I am usually happy to be working at my Executive Stand Steady standing on a SmartCells antifatigue mat. It’s because I’ve spent much of my time recently painting walls, buying furniture, and installing and putting together that furniture. The stars of those HGTV shows aren’t frequently shown yawning, but I’m starting to think they might be doing that off-camera. My fitbit during this time has been buzzing the 5 finished lights, half-way through the day.

After we found and rented our new office, we hired Andrea Maasiede Design to help us with the design of our space, furniture selection, floor plan and wall colors. She worked very quickly and met with us on a Tuesday a week ago with paint swatches, printouts of modern furniture, desks and chairs, and AutoCAD floor plans. It was really fun, and I felt her expert input gave us confidence when we went shopping.

Then we went shopping. Then we had furniture delivered, surprisingly fast. And more furniture delivered. And we painted walls. When the furniture came, it was that kind that you need to assemble. So we assembled the furniture. All of this generated a lot of cardboard and trash. Which had to be carried to the dumpster. That’s one of the things I enjoy about a startup environment: every day is different. I didn’t even check email that much. It was a flashback to working in a sculpture shop, and I even got to use a metal file on the inside threading of part of a bookshelf.

The exciting extras we have are a floor length mirror, to prep for our TV interviews and magazine photo shoots, a microwave and refrigerator, and a conference table with 6 chairs. We feel so business-like. This morning our CEO personally used her stud-finder and electric drill to get the whiteboard up on the wall, and then immediately wrote on it – our levers, key channels, products in transit, etc.

Now we have office supplies, and our workstations are ready to go. The internet is connected and the shelves are stocked with product. We’ve been meeting our building neighbors, mailman, FedEx person, and internet service provider. But now it’s time to get back to the fun stuff, inventing and selling ergonomic healthy standing desk desktop solutions.

As I now type and enjoy the serene little office we have set up, I think you should too. Check out our new office below. (We’re still working on the art on the walls.)


Before picture:

- by Ellen O'Hearn

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