4 Reasons Not to Make an IKEA Hack Standing Desk: Get a Stand Steady
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4 Reasons Not to Make an IKEA Hack Standing Desk and Get a Stand Steady Standing Desk Instead

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

Oh Google alerts, how you entertain us here at Stand Steady. Almost every day it seems we see another IKEA standing desk hack. And we wonder, why would someone in New York City board a bus bound for Elizabeth, New Jersey in order to haul back heavy cardboard boxes filled with shelving and living room side tables. Sure, Elizabeth’s Ikea has a fantastic view of airplanes taking off and landing at Newark International Airport, and then there is the craving for meatballs and mac n’ cheese. I’ve been there with my kids, eating at the IKEA dining set upstairs watching United fly in from somewhere more fun and warmer, and wondering if my dining set needs replacement. But I have never ever wanted to buy shelves in order to then use tools at home to make something new, with new holes and saw dust in my house. NEVER. Here are four reasons you also might reconsider MacGuyver-ing a standing desk, and just hitting the buy button on www.standsteady.com.

One: Price. The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk is cheaper than most IKEA Desk hacks, when you add up the side tables, the shelving, the wood glue, a drill and your precious time. It’s also already been invented and it works, and people love it. So there’s that emotional cost you don’t have to pay, after you get all the IKEA stuff and it doesn’t work out, and also it’s not the right fit, and also now you have to return it, so you have to go back to IKEA.

Two: Free Shipping. Whether you buy on Amazon, Amazon Prime or on standsteady.com, Stand Steady always offers free shipping. What is the cost of your time? That is a long trip people. And it’s especially exhausting in winter. Wouldn’t you rather spend a day doing anything other than going to Ikea?

Three: Professional Design. Most businesses and office managers would prefer to see you working on an actual respectable well-designed desktop standing desk, not a cheap side table, that looks awkward and isn’t likely your correct ergonomic height. Does that square side table even fit in your cube? It is possible you are exactly 5 foot 8, the only height that would make sense for the Ikea Lack Side Table to be at your correct ergonomic height without involving a hacksaw, or some way of raising it up.

Four: Time. When will we find the time to do this desk hack? I know. I’m guilty. I have tried other enticing Pinterest trends. Ever made your own chalk paint? It involves plaster and trips to home depot for other paint, to mix with your plaster, and trips back to home depot for cheap paint buckets, when you realize you don’t necessarily want to ruin your own buckets, and also is this toxic? And how do we seal it? Applied to the “IKEA Desk hack” idea, there are many little bumps that will come up. Let me save you some time here. First, there are no rubber feet on that puppy. You will casually take a call at the end of the day and lean on the hack side table, only to feel it slip away while your monitor bangs on your head. Second, if you’re doing a complicated drill into the wall shelf Ikea hack, do you have anchors? Do you know what anchors are? If you are renting, do you know if your landlord allows you to destroy their drywall with anchors? They are really permanent. Third, depending on the flavor of your IKEA desk hack inspiration, you might need glue and a drill. Then you will have to learn how to drill. And if you know how to drill, but recently upgraded to a cordless drill, you will have to wait until tomorrow to put together your IKEA hack desk, because your drill isn’t charged. Stand Steady standing desks are lightweight and can go with you if you happen to move down a floor at your office, leaving your prior sitting desk unscratched and just as you found it, thanks to the rubber feet. And it only takes about 5 minutes to set up, after FedEx delivers it right to your door.


-Ellen O'Hearn

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