Stand Steady Launches Largest Desktop Standing Desk Ever – The Mega
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Stand Steady Launches Largest Desktop Standing Desk Ever – The Mega Stand Steady Standing Desk

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

When I first saw the prototype of the Mega, it was a piece of 2 x 4 foot board our CEO and inventor, Day Martin bought at Home Depot. They cut it to that size for Martin out of a piece of plywood. When Day carried it into the room, it looked like a door for a hobbit village, about the right size for a child to walk through, or maybe a shortened diving board. It looked ridiculously big for a desktop standing desk. We got out some pencils and starting measuring, deciding how many inches we would remove. Maybe the longest side should be 40 inches, that was still very long, and bigger than any other desktop stand up desk on the market. 

Not one to wait around long, at the office, Martin drilled into the bottom of the board, the 5 holes for the legs, and set it on top of her desk of the same dimensions, and started working on it, using the largest aluminum legs she had at that point, which were made for the Executive Stand Steady.  No inches had been subtracted from the 48 inches yet. The strange thing was the transformation that happened once it was in use as a standing desk. It suddenly looked perfect. At that point we started working on the math for the dimensions of the new Mega legs. We could clearly see the need for this in the marketplace.

If you think about it, have you ever been hired for a new office job, and been given a desk to sit at with a desk space of 30 inches by 23 inches? A cube with a work surface that is 36 inches by 27 inches? No! Those are the dimensions of most desktop standing desk solutions available now. But if you look at complete standing desks, in those lucky cases where your company allows you to buy a whole new desk, although much more expensive, and going through the hassle of getting rid of the old desk, they do make sense because the work surface is this normal 2 x 4 foot size. The Mega Stand Steady Standing Desk allows you to stay in your current cube or desk, and immediately start standing at work, using a standard size work surface.

Soon all of our team members were using the Mega. It’s so much easier to have 2 screens, the keyboard, and a lot of space left over to write on paper, and jot down thoughts on post-it notes. My friend who is a corporate attorney uses the Mega without any computers, monitors or keyboards, just spreads out the papers she is working on, but is able to stand while reviewing documents. In my home office, I have 2 Mega Stand Steady desks, side by side. And if later this winter I decide I’d rather spend my home office days sitting, I will just take one down.

The truth is, working at Stand Steady for me is a bit like what I imagine it would have been like to work for Thomas Edison. I lived in Edison, New Jersey for 6 years, but only visited the Thomas Edison museum one time. His lab was his house. It has beautiful trails behind it that you can hike on and end up a little pond. He must have been environmentally inspired, and having so much fun. I think we might be having a similar type of fun here, constantly imagining a healthier office space for the community of workers who have made the switch to standing at work or who are considering it.

-Ellen O'Hearn

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