17 Deskercises for 2017

17 Deskercises for 2017

17 Deskercises for 2017

17 Deskercises For 2017 

Ok, people. 2017 is going to be epic. You've got your standing desk, so let’s use it. And let’s make it work for us. I’m talking about deskercising. It’s not as cool as Jazzercize but it’s a lot more convenient, plus the Jazzercize moms intimidate me (I just got an invite to a class this weekend, and it said the instructors were sexy – ugh! Not going!) If you have a trashcan, a standing desk and a stapler, we’re ready.  

Seated Deskercize

1. Foot Flexerz

Foot Flexers- Standing Desk ExercisesJust so easy. Sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor. Leave your heel on the floor and flex your toes up. Alternate feet. Even a tiny movement is a working move. Now switch it up – leave your toes on the floor and raise your heel up. Alternate & repeat. (If this is too hard, try to raise or lower your chair.) 

2. Dancer Pantz

Sit Dancing - Standing Desk ExercisesWhile seated, put on your headphones or earbuds. Tune to a radio station you enjoy. Drop your inhibitions and dance. Keep it silent – that way you still look professional at work. (Can you tell which George Michael song I'm singing?) 

3. Leg Lifterz

LegLift - Standing Desk ExercisesThis one is great for anyone experiencing leg tension while standing. Turn 90 degrees in your chair. Rest one arm on your desk, and hold on to your chair with your other hand. Keep one foot flat on the floor. Raise the other foot off the floor, so your leg is perpendicular to the floor. Alternate sides. Repeat. 

4. Ream Squeeze

Grab a ream of paper. Back Ream Squeeze-Standing Desk Exercisesup from your desk a bit, because otherwise your knees will knock the underside of your desk. Squeeze the ream between your thighs, and hold on to that ream like it’s your paycheck. Now lift your thighs, just 1-3 inches. And lift. And lift. Repeat. 

5. Hand Ying-Yang

Handshake Standing Desk ExercisesThis is a nice arm stretch. Sit up straight with both feet on the ground. Square your shoulders. Grab one hand in the other, like a handshake. So nice to meet you. Pull. Alternate which hand faces up. Repeat.

6. Chair Twisterz

Standing Desk fit at workSit facing your desk. Back up a bit. Hold on to the front of the desk. Keep your hands on the desk. Twist 90 degrees one way. Then to the other side. Twist. And twist. Repeat. 

7. Shruggy Shoulderz

Shoulder Shrug Standing Desk ExercisesWho ate the last piece of candy? I don’t know. Face the desk. Sit up straight. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and hold for 3 seconds. Relax. Repeat. Stay out of the candy! 


Standing Deskercize 

8. Trashcan Stairz

Standing Desk ExercisesDo this in the morning while your trashcan is empty, so you don't have to smell all that lunch trash. With your desk in a standing position, pull your trashcan out from under your desk, so it’s next to you. Then, lightly place one foot on the edge of the can. And switch to other foot. Switch, switch, switch! 

9. Light Joggerz

Standing Desk ExercisesFace your desk. Jog in place. Take a break to answer that email. Now more jogging!





10. Stapler Arm Curlz

Stapler Curler Standing Desk ExercisesGrab your stapler. Square your shoulders to face your desk, or turn 90 degrees, facing the wall. With the stapler in your hand, curl it up by flexing your arm and straightening. Repeat 10 times on each side.  

11. Leg Lungez

Standing Desk ExercisesStand facing your desk with hand on hips, or resting on desk. Put one foot back in a lunge. Hold. Alternate sides. Repeat. Feel the stretch! Ahmagawd, nobody is looking at you. 

12. Dance Teamz

Dance Standing Desk ExerciseJust put on some headphones and dance it out! Ellen said so. Don't be afraid to really show your moves!

13. Wall chairz

Wall Sit Standing Desk ExercisesFind a wall. Stand against it with your back on the wall. Lower yourself until you’re in a seated position. To make it harder, cross one leg onto your knee. I personally can’t do this move, yet. 

14. Tippy Toez

Calf Raises Standing Desk ExercisesStand facing your desk, with feet hip-width apart. Lightly rest your hands on your desk. Raise up to your tippy toes, hold for a second and lower. Repeat. This will feel familiar to anyone who has taken ballet. 

15. Ice Skaterz

Leg Raises Standing Desk ExercisesAnother great one for leg tension! Stand facing your desk, and hold on to it lightly. Lift one leg up behind you as far up as you can, then carefully lower. Alternate. There you are, iceskating. 

16. Micro Push-upz

Micro Push Ups Standing Desk ExercisesStand away from your desk, far enough so that when you put your elbows on the desk, you’re in a slight angle. Rest your elbows and lower part of arms on desk. Very slowly lower body up and down in modified tiny pushup. Repeat.

17. Fist Pumpz

Fist Pump Standing Desk After 10 revisions, your project was approved. Celebrate with some fist pumps. Woohoo! 


Let's do this, 2017!

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