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Top 5 Cheap Accessories to Stand on While Working at a Standing Desk

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

When I started working at a standing desk, I realized I needed some extras. Just like when you get a bike, you need a helmet for safety, when you buy a standing desk, you need something to stand on to protect your joints. After that, it’s fun to have some accessories; you want to have fun standing at work right? Let’s look at some choices around or under $20.00.

Accessory 1: Genuine Joe Antifatigue Mat. Every ergonomics expert says protect your joints with an antifatigue mat. This is a must. I currently use a Genuine Joe in black.

Accessory 2: Rubbermaid 12.2 x10 x 7.1 inch gray stepstool. As the months wore on, I started to get itchy to try something more fun with my feet during my standing work day. Many people who stand at work use a little stepstool to give one foot a break, and then switch to the other foot. This really works to relieve a foot at a time. It also gives you a sassy model stance. My stepstool is tiny and fits on my mat.

Accessory 3:  j/fit Balance Pods. They claim to strengthen feet and decrease discomfort from Plantar Fasciitis, and increase circulation. I like to use them part of the day, about 10 minutes of every hour. It’s like a foot massage and definitely feels good on my feet. I use them bumpy side up, but you can also flip them over and place the textured side down for more difficulty. I found these very stable.

Accessory 4: Tone Fitness Balance Board. This is an octagonal flat plastic board with a half sphere under it. It’s all 1 piece of lightweight molded plastic. This is an excellent calf exercise. Also as I rotate around I can feel something in my hips happening. Most of the time, I have my feet together in the middle and try to balance without moving much. I felt I was doing a fun brain exercise also, trying to balance and work. I did slip off a few times at first, and would recommend this for the more adventurous person.

Accessory 5: 13” Yes4All Stability Disc/Inflatable Cushion. This is a very comfortable addition to my antifatigue mat. I actually have 2 and just put one foot on each. I use the textured side up and work in socks. I use them underinflated, and find this my favorite solution at the moment.

The products I recommend are below, with current prices as of this post, subject to change; everything purchased on Amazon Prime.

 Genuine Joe Antifatigue Mat 

Rubbermaid 12.2 x10 x 7.1 inch gray stepstool 

j/fit Balance Pods 

Tone Fitness Balance Board13”

Yes4All Stability Disc/Inflatable Cushion 

-Ellen O'Hearn   

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