5 cheap accessories to stand on while working by Stand Steady

Top 5 Cheap Accessories to Stand on While Working at a Standing Desk

Top 5 Cheap Accessories to Stand on While Working at a Standing Desk

When I started working at a standing desk, I realized I needed some extras. Just like when you get a bike, you need a helmet for safety, when you buy a standing desk, you need something to stand on to protect your joints. After that, it’s fun to have some accessories; you want to have fun standing at work right? Let’s look at some choices.


Accessory 1: DiploMat Anti-fatigue Mat. Every ergonomics expert says protect your joints with an anti-fatigue mat. This is a must. I currently use a 36" DiploMat.

Accessory 2: Rubbermaid 12.2 x10 x 7.1 inch gray stepstool. As the months wore on, I started to get itchy to try something more fun with my feet during my standing work day. Many people who stand at work use a little stepstool to give one foot a break, and then switch to the other foot. This really works to relieve a foot at a time. It also gives you a sassy model stance. My stepstool is tiny and fits on my mat.

Accessory 3:  Stamina In-Motion Desk Elliptical Trainer. This is for those overachievers who want to make the most of their workday, or if you'd rather exercise at your desk than at the gym. This elliptical trainer is great because it can be used sitting or standing and gives you stats to keep track of your strides and calories burned. When used in the standing position, your upper body is still, so you can keep working without losing your balance or breaking focus. 

Accessory 4: Tone Fitness Balance Board. This is an octagonal flat plastic board with a half sphere under it. It’s all 1 piece of lightweight molded plastic. This is an excellent calf exercise. Also as I rotate around I can feel something in my hips happening. Most of the time, I have my feet together in the middle and try to balance without moving much. I felt I was doing a fun brain exercise also, trying to balance and work. I did slip off a few times at first, and would recommend this for the more adventurous person.

Accessory 5: FlexiSpot Mini Stepper. Similar to the desk elliptical, this mini-stepper helps me make the most of my workday. Plus, it's super lightweight and easy to transport so you can take it home and get in a few more steps while you watch TV. 

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