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Painted Standing Desks

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

So in my former life before I became a mom to 3 awesome kids, I had a career as an artist in San Francisco, California. I was represented by Hang at the Canvas, Joseph Chowning Gallery and the SF MOMA Rental Gallery, and had a blast showing at many non-profit art spaces all over the city. I also was part of a group of poets who met every single week, for over 3 years while I was a part of it. I combined my “Office Poems” with black & white paintings I did inspired by polaroids taken from my office building in the financial district, where I was a bored and lonely office manager, long before standing desks existed. I have to think if I had a standing desk, I would have been so much happier and less sluggish. In a serendipitous way, I find my life has continued to focus on life in the office, although now I'm selling this hot tech accessory at a super fun startup.  I’m repurposing some of the weathered desks and giving them new life as art desks.


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