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Co-working Worked for Me at Connect113

Posted by Ellen O'Hearn on

One hot day this past June, I was contacting local co-working spaces and incubators in the DC area to see if they needed a standing desk solution for their clients, and I just happened to reach Penny Littell, Office Manager at Connect113 in Old Town Alexandria. Imagine my surprise when she said she had a copy of the recent Washington Post article featuring our company, Stand Steady, in her drawer, and was interested in our height-adjustable desktop standing desks for her co-working space. Even better, when I mentioned we needed a cube to use for some fresh standing desk photos, she invited us to do a photo shoot in the modern, hip office spaces that are Connect113.
We showed up on a sunny, humid and relaxed summer Friday to Connect113, and Penny held the door open as we hauled in boxes of monitors, keyboards, and a few of our Original and Executive Stand Steady desks; I was working up quite a sweat. Inside Connect113, the air was cool, and the inviting space was calm and quiet, with beams of natural light filtering in, amid plentiful overhead and task lighting.  A few people were sprinkled among the private offices, open cubes and shared spaces on two levels. The views were spectacular old brick buildings and the lively street out front.  After a short tour, Penny left us so we could start work.
About 50 photos into the shoot, a man appeared next to us and said, “So, I have to know, what are you doing?” He had noticed us conversing about the angle of our camera, model, standing desk placement and lighting, from his corner cube, and wandered over. I started to tell him our iPhone photography techniques and he just was silent. Then he said, “OK, I do some photography as a hobby. Your lighting is all wrong because you need the daylight to hit the front of the desk and monitor. That’s why you’re getting this strong backlighting.”
Turns out this friendly-fellow was none other than Geoff Livingston, marketing guru, author and photographer. Later we found out his hobby photographs and photo-stream have received over a million views. On a whim, my colleague asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a few shots for us.
About 10 minutes later, we had relocated the model (me), and a cherry executive Stand Steady standing desk to a cube near his, with more optimal light, his real camera, and set up the shoot. Here’s the magic that could happen when you co-work at Connect113:
So as you can see, we were surprised and thrilled to find out that coworking works- Especially when you have a superstar like Penny Littell at your front desk, to help connect the dots, (and bump into a real photographer with an entrepreneurial spirit!)

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