What is the Proper Height for a Standing Desk?

What is the Proper Height for a Standing Desk?

At Stand Steady, we take ergonomics seriously. According to the United States Department of Labor’s website for Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), for standing at standing desk computer workstations, OSHA recommends, “The user's legs, torso, neck, and head are approximately in-line and vertical. The user may also elevate one foot on a rest while in this posture.”

 Below are some additional basics for using a standing desk at work; such as what is the proper height for a standing desk? The answer is the proper height is different for everyone depending on these factors:

1) Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle to the desktop, (which requires an adjustable height desk, such as a Stand Steady standing desk, since everyone is a different height).

2) The top of your monitor should align with your eyes.

3) Use an anti-fatigue mat, such as the Diplomat, to reduce joint stress.

4) Take a few sitting breaks throughout the day.


The easiest way to fine-tune your standing desk height is to purchase a height-adjustable desk with two or more levels. Standing desks that adjust with a pneumatic or electric lift are the easiest to transition from sitting to standing. Our favorite desks that fit this criteria are the FlexPro series of standing desk converters.

With this in mind, there are tons of options for choosing the right standing desk for you. You don't necessarily need a two level desk, and you don't need to stick to a converter, either. There are endless options that all offer amazing standing benefits. Stand Steady prides itself on offering a range of ergonomic options so you can find the sit stand desk that checks off everything on your wishlist.

To see all of Stand Steady's standing desk options, check out our handy comparison chart HERE!

To watch an informative and fun video that walks you through choosing your perfect standing desk, click HERE!


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