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10 Things That Happened When I Got a Standing Desk

Posted by Keina Schweikart on

1. I have more energy
You know that miserable spot after you’ve had a good lunch where you just want to take a nap? Yeah? I don’t. The top time I’m for sure standing at my desk 1) when I get into work and my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and 2) after lunch to avoid any “itis”


2. I am more productive while standing
Listen, I don’t understand the magic of why standing up makes you a little more productive with working. Maybe it’s just a side effect of the first bullet “having more energy”, but my to-do list has actually said thank you.


3. I dance standing up
OKAY…YES, SOMETIMES I LIKE TO DANCE AT MY WORKSTATION. Disclaimer: not guaranteed to make you a good dancer.


4. I walk around the office more
I’ve spent more time co-working, which helps my creativity. I’m no longer being lazing sitting at my desk and simply instant messaging people across the office about things that we so clearly need to talk face to face about.


5. Co-workers started talking to me about my desk stand
Speaking of co-workers…People are legit asking me about my standing desk. I feel like a reverend preaching that “sitting is the new smoking”. Don’t mind me – just out here saving lives.


6. I stretch more while standing
You can’t really stretch sitting all day. After I started standing up– I realized this is something that my body was craving.


7. I feel less tense at my workstation
Probably has to do a lot with stretching throughout the day and walking around more. Either way, even when work gets horribly tense, I feel good!


8. Got rid of neck and back pain
Okay, this has SAVED my neck and back!  I guess it's a lot to do with ergonomics blah blah blah. I've done everything from buying an acupuncture mat to seeing a masseuse. But THIS has been a great fix too (and it's not a "temporary" fix) 


9. Better Posture
I am constantly improving my posture. With an ergonomic set up you pay a LOT more attention to your position.


10. Feel Better

Overall I just feel better. I realized that I am working for at least 8 hours a day and I was doing my body an injustice by simply staying so stationary for that time. This was not the time for me to be cheap or lazy – overall my body is thanking me for it.


Here is the standing desk that I am using The X-Elite Pro - Cherry


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